by Birds With Teeth

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This is the fourth installment of the Birds With Teeth saga. Sorry.


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Birds With Teeth Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Mosquito
it seems that we're finally sinking in
deeper and deeper and deeper in
the swarm will always have a taste for the warm
and fresher skin

we are not
gonna stray
we have got
something here

you wanted everything
its not enough
we've made it on our own
we'll never be alone

we get more praise than we ever did
but we've got less cash than we showed up with
one by one they will come
'cause mosquitoes seldom quit
Track Name: Say
what you need is now
all i have to offer
the times you shout
only draws me closer
when words run out
silence can be bitter

so won't you say
i just wanted you to

show yourself
you don't have to be scared
'cause all your flaws
i'll take them all

you say that i'll let you go
but i'll show you what it means to be
just what you needed then
so won't you say
Track Name: Mobilizer
we're all ticking clocks
we never let ourselves give everything we've got
it seems so simple
until you try to move

get up
you've got everything
get up
you've got everything to lose

and i know its not too late
to find out what we're made of
and i know its not too late
to take a leap of faith now

if you can't be true to yourself
can you be free with anyone else
it seems so simple
until you try to move
Track Name: Noosest
you ask the question
that no one seems to know
how to answer anymore
the possibilities are endless
and i don't think it ever mattered anyway

what's the difference
these groups don't mean a thing
and i don't understand
why everybody needs
to know where we stand
(we've) been keeping up so far

we know where we stand
and you don't even know
what you're asking for
we're better on our own
Track Name: Almost
you say that you are
the one for me
but i know best
that this won't last
what if i'm wrong
only time will tell
maybe you're right
you'll be the death of me

this back and forth game
it takes it's toll
its time to take a chance
and let it all go
you kept me here
all this time
for now wont work
i wish you luck

from here i stand
take it all back
i've got my pride
so fight all you want
i see you from a distance
wish that we had never met
you take it all for granted
i wish you well

this back and forth game
its time to move on
so let's start fresh
and take this as hello
i want you to know
i want you to know
i wish you farewell
Track Name: Show Your Friends
you look through that lense
memories pass you by
its never better the second time
so put it away and you'll be fine

put it down
and open your eyes
and look where you are
it'll never be the same
so put down that lense
and enjoy the day

show your friends
and you tell your tales
'cause i'm right there
and you're not here
Track Name: I am Russian, She was Persian
fool me once
we all know better
than to trust someone
that will never

boys will be boys
and theives will be theives
when you need someone to count on
we'll remember all your deeds
Track Name: How to Milk a Dolphin
you're calling all your shots and
we watch you crumble
advice you seek and reject
could be the cure
you won't fool anybody
the time is now
you're only hurting yourself
Track Name: Sylar
im so sick
of flying high in my dreams
what could this
possibly mean

you say it's all in my
i've got the power to save
you from the man takes brains

don't let him inside
let me in
we're here to save your life

it's all been planed
the future hangs on the wall
i'm a threat to us all
come watch me explode